Will Social Security Payees get Bonus Payment in Sep.?

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By: John Derric

Social Security benefits

members are not only looking to save American’s hard-earned benefits, but give recipients an additional $200 per month.

increase your Social Security checks

The money you can receive each month is greater if you know some secrets that increase your Social Security checks quite a bit.

Social Security retirement benefit,

When you start collecting your Social Security retirement benefit, you can no longer change any of the monthly payments

how much COLA increase?

All you can do is wait for the COLA increase and the $200 per month increase through the new bill to take effect.

Social Security bonus secret

To know the secret of the increase in the Social Security benefit it is necessary to check all aspects.

Early Retirement Age

The first of these aspects is the retirement age. With an Early Retirement Age (ERA) you will be able to access the benefit with a 30% reduction of the total.

contributed for a pension

if you contributed for a pension of $1,000 total, you will receive a check of $700 per month.

Full Retirement Age (FRA)

To get a benefit of 100% of the money you have collected, the perfect age is 67. With Full Retirement Age (FRA) you will collect your full pension

How to get the $16,728 bonus in retirement?

We have already mentioned that there is a big difference between applying for retirement through ERA and working until age 70.

increase your Social Security benefit:

If we take into account that there is a 30% reduction with ERA and an increase working until age 70

Work as long as you can

the later you retire the higher your benefit will be. Remember that 70 is the maximum age. After age 70, Social Security will not increase.

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