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Top 12] Best Things To Do in Glacier National Park

By: Mary Jones

Traveling knowledge

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Going-to-the-Sun Road is a paved, two-lane highway that snakes through Glacier National Park, dividing the park into east and west regions and crossing the Continental Divide at Logan Pass.

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One of two wheelchair and stroller accessible trails in the park, Trail of the Cedars is a short loop hike – less than a mile – that begins and ends on Going-to-the-Sun Road, meaning you can hike it in either direction

Red Bus Tours

Driving around Glacier is a spectacular way to see the sights – particularly along Going-to-the-Sun Road – but drivers may sometimes miss out, especially if they're behind the wheel.

St. Mary

St. Mary is best known as the eastern entrance to Glacier National Park. At its visitor center, you'll find maps and trip planning information

Lake McDonald

This historic family-owned boat company dates back to 1938, when it became the first tour operator in the park. Its handcrafted wooden boats take visitors on narrated tours of Lake McDonald, St. Mary's Lake at Rising Sun, Two Medicine and Many Glacier.

Avalanche Lake Trail

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Hidden Lake

Given this trail's incredible beauty, it's little wonder why more than 1,500 hikers traverse it each day. At the trail's halfway point, hikers will be treated to spectacular views at the appropriately named Hidden Lake Overlook.

Logan Pass

It's the highest elevation reachable by car (at 6,466 feet) in the park, plus it's near the trailheads for both the Highline Trail and the Hidden Lake Trail

Iceberg Lake Trail

In the spring and summer, adventurers will see gorgeous alpine meadows filled with wildflowers. According to recent visitors, the trail is well-suited for avid hikers.

Grinnell Glacier

Named for anthropologist and conservationist George Bird Grinnell, the Grinnell Glacier is one of the most-photographed attractions in the park

Highline Trail

One of the most popular hiking trails in the park – and one of the most strenuous – the Highline Trail follows the Continental Divide and features stunning scenery of glacial valleys, alpine meadows and a famous ledge called the Garden Wall – an alpine section of the park with stunning formations

Two Medicine

. On the hunt for a history lesson? The Two Medicine Chalet (which is now a store and snack bar) is housed in an old log building where President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a radio address in 1934.