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By Marshal Deck

Thousands of people in New Jersey who is  eligible for federal stimulus check and unemployment assistance in november month for this benefit.

Eligible people will receive a direct payment of $2,000 for individuals families.

Eligible person at least 18 years old and living in New Jersey along with not having an annual household income of more than $55,000.

At present, around 18,000 applications and families have already approved Received the money.

If you have submitted an application and are still have not receive payment, We should check if all your documents are complete.

The documents were confidential into "List A", "List B" and "List C", and applicant must submit one document.

"List A" documents include a any self identification by govt approved driver's license, student identification, bank insurance and mortgage receipts.

"List B" documents included are US passport and birth certificate.

"List C" was a signed letter from state govt that work as proof of residency in New Jersey.

If you have submitted the application and still are not received your payment then you must check in the website.

Residents who have filed for an extension can look forward to their chicks to Reach before January 31, 2023.

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