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President Biden extends student loan payment freeze amid Omicron worries. here's what you need to know

President Joe Biden just extended the pandemic pause on student-loan payments a fourth time, through August 31. On Wednesday, Biden announced that federal student-loan borrowers 

Biden said in a statement that "as I recognized in recently extending the COVID-19 national emergency, we are still recovering from the pandemic

The Education Department said those benefits would now be continued until Jan. 31, describing the reprieve as a “final” extension.

The payment pause has been a lifeline that allowed millions of Americans to focus on their families, health, and finances instead of student loans during the national emergency

Education Department wrote in a statement that during the extension, it will "continue to assess the financial impacts of the pandemic on student loan borrowers

The White House has said it backs $10,000 of loan forgiveness per borrower but has asked the Education

President Joe Biden’s administration announced Wednesday, Dec. 22, that it is extending the pause on federal student loan payments

With payments set to resume After August 31, the sense-of-urgency to cancel student debt has never been greater. Urge Joe Biden to cancel student debt using executive action

saying current mitigation strategies on planes, namely masking, were effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Wednesday’s announcement made no reference of this being the last extension, or whether more might follow, Biden did implore borrowers to start planning now for when payments resume.

Despite calling such a mandate "welcome," on Sunday, Fauci similarly pointed toward existing strategies as effective in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

All of these factors and more will be part of your decision-making process. Check out the federal student loan repayment infographic below to better visualize your options