Fourth Stimulus Check: $1,500 in October Are You Eligible?

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By: John Derric

receive payments next month

With no sign of a fourth stimulus check, states and cities have passed legislation for relief that includes tax holidays, direct payments and other types of incentives.

financial impact of inflation.

The cash will come in the form of rebates or direct payments as many states try to offset the financial impact of inflation.

Food prices have increased

inflation rate of 8.5% in the year to  The cost of shelter has risen 5.7% over the past year. Food prices have increased by 8.5% during the year.


TABOR requires the state to return the remaining revenue to the state. Almost every Colorado taxpayer will receive a check for $750 or $1,500 for married couples.

do you qualify?

8 years of age as on December 31, 2021 entire 2021. was a resident of Colorado for File a 2021 Colorado State Income Tax Return or Apply for a Property 


The Illinois Family Relief Plan is another program providing relief to struggling Americans. Single tax filers will get $50 and joint filers will get $100.


The state estimated that approximately 667,000 Minnesotans Per Minnesota law, applications were open for 45 days from June 8 to July 22.


Indiana residents are set to receive a tax exemption of up to $650. Hoosiers were supposed to deliver their checks earlier in the month, but paper shortages have delayed the process.

receive $325 checks

Individual taxpayers will receive a $325 check, while married couples filing jointly will receive a $650 check.Some residents should start checking their checks as early as September.

Other states offering relief

Hawaii residents will receive a one-time tax refund in late August or early September. Those making less than $100,000 a year will receive a $300 rebate.

receive payments next month

If you exceed that limit, but less than $200,000, you'll receive $100. Families with children may receive more money, for example, a family of four may receive $1,200.

Rhode Island residents queue to receive up to $750 in direct payments. About 115,000 families will be able to receive the $250 child tax credit.

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