Top 12] Best Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Tourist Attractions in Shanghai, China’s largest city, offers many exciting tourist destinations opportunities for those uncomfortable with dealing with large crowds. But despite having a population of over 24 million, this fun city also offers cool historic districts and attractions with its many new tourist sites. Thanks to its position at the mouth of the Yangtze River, one of the world’s busiest container ports, the city also offers opportunities for exploration by water along the Chinese coast and its inland waterways. 

Famous Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Highlights of a visit include the many world-class museums and art galleries such as the Shanghai Museum and China Art Museum, several lovely gardens and parks, and includes many fine old temples and traditional pagodas. 

Shanghai – renowned as the birthplace of the Communist Party of China – also serves as an excellent jumping off point to explore other regions of China and is home to an excellent international airport as well as a first-class modern transit system.

It also boasts of high-speed rail connections to other major cities such as the country’s capital, Beijing.

1 Pudong Riverside Promenade and Park in Shanghai

Pudong Riverside Promenade and Park in Shanghai - Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Known by its Anglo-Indian name of Bund (Wighton), Zhongshan Lu is a beautiful broad promenade running along the west bank of the Huangpujiang River. 

It is particularly popular with tourists because the area has retained a European feel (it was once the site of the city’s International Settlement) which is particularly noticeable in the many Old English and French buildings, which are now They serve as restaurants, boutique stores, galleries and offices. 

Best Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Always bustling, it’s a great place to take a stroll as you take in the Bund’s 52 unique buildings built in a variety of styles, including Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Neoclassical and Renaissance influences, along with one of the world’s most impressive collections of buildings. of art deco architecture. 

Moving from south to north, the major buildings are the former headquarters of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, with its magnificent cupola, The ports are home to the Customs Office with its bell tower, the Old Peace Hotel and the Bank of China

The Bund is also a great place from which to embark on a sightseeing tour on a boat around the harbor and at the confluence of the Huangpujiang and Yangtze rivers.

Address: Zhongshan East 1 Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai

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2 Most Beautiful Gardens In The World You Garden

Most Beautiful Gardens In The World You Garden

To the northeast of the old city and laid out in 1559, the magnificent Yu Garden (Yu Yuan), also known as the Garden of Pleasure, covers an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters and includes an exterior and interior garden. 

The oldest section is the Outer Gardens . With further alterations made in the 18th century, the Sansui Tang, the main hall of the park, was added (the building with its beautiful ceiling ornaments, figurative representations in bas-reliefs, and window openings). Notable for its dragon-adorned walls). 

The best-known building is the Hall of the Spring where the Company of Little Swords (Xiaodao Hui) was headquartered between 1853 and 1855 when it ruled Shanghai. 

Artificial rocks, the only work of master garden designer Zhang Nanyang, have been preserved in this part of the garden of great historical importance. 

New and very small The Inner Garden dates back to 1709 and includes distinctive features of a classical Chinese author’s garden: attractive small pavilions, ornamental stones, and miniature mountain ranges, dividing walls and small ponds, and even a richly decorated theatrical stage. also includes.

Address: 218 Eren St., Huangpu, Shanghai Shi

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3 Best Temples in Shanghai to Visit Jade Buddha

Best Temples in Shanghai to Visit Jade Buddha - Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

There are two Shakyamuni sculptures in the houses, which the monk Huigen brought them from Burma. The current building, established in 1928 to replace the original temple built in 1882, is divided into three halls and two courtyards and includes the magnificent Hall of the Kings of Heaven (Tian Wang Dian), of the Four Heavenly Kings and two Shakyamuni statues.

Notable for sculptures. Carved out of white jade, one of these impressive sculptures stands about two meters high in the Wentang Main Hall, where a collection of Buddhist manuscripts is also kept (the smaller statue is in the west courtyard). 

Also of interest is the Hall of the Great Hero (Daxian Baodian) with 18 Luohan figures, along with Buddhists from the Three Ages. One of Shanghai’s many important Buddhist sites is the stunning Jing’an Temple on Nanjing West Road.

Address: 170 Anyuan Road, Jing’an, Shanghai

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4 Best Places to Visit in Shanghai Museum

Best Places to Visit in Shanghai Museum

Established in 1952, the Shanghai Museum remains China’s most important museum of classical Chinese art. 

In a modern building that is a work of art – its unique round top and square base incorporate traditional Chinese concepts of the earth – Best Places to Visit in Shanghai Museum the museum’s four floors range from prehistoric cultures to the 19th century in ink paintings, from impressive bronzes and pottery Exhibits include, along with calligraphy.

And seals, large collections of art from ethnic minorities. It is also home to large collections of jade, coins and furnishings from the Ming and Qing periods (1368–1912). 

Also worth a visit is the excellent Shanghai Natural History Museum , one of the largest natural science museums in China.

Address: 201 Renmin Avenue, China

Official Site: www.shanghaimuseum.net/en/index.jsp

5 Tourist Attractions in Shanghai Longhua Temple And Pagoda Shanghai

Longhua Temple And Pagoda Shanghai - Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

The magnificent Longhua Temple , in a pleasant park in the southwest region of ShanghaiRemains one of the oldest religious sites in China. 

Built around AD 242 with a 40-metre tall wooden and brick pagoda, this important place of worship was destroyed several times over the centuries and the current structure dates back to the 10th century. 

The site is still used for regular Buddhist ceremonies and consists of five large halls, including the Maitreya Hall (Mile Dian) with a large Buddha statue, the Heavenly King Hall (Tian Wang Dian) dedicated to the four heavenly kings , and the Grand Hall with its statues of the Great Sage (Dexian Baodian) and a 16th-century bell. 

Other highlights include the Bell Tower with a two-meter-tall, five-ton bell from 1382 that is still used on special occasions; the library with its old manuscripts and ceremonial equipment; and the impressive sight of some 500 gold painted Luohan Buddhas.

Address: 2853 Longhua Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai

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6 Things to do near Oriental Pearl Tower

Things to do near Oriental Pearl Tower

A must-visit in Shanghai, is the 468-meter-tall Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower (Dongfing Minzhuttu) in Pudong-Park on the east bank of the Huangpu River. 

In addition to its excellent views over the busy river and the new city, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views over the historic Bund promenade .

Built in 1991, the tower takes its name from its 11 different shapes, the highest of which – the Space Module – Tourist Attractions in Shanghai has an observation level with a glass-floored deck at the 350-metre mark. 

All told, the tower has 15 viewing areas, including the sightseeing floor and Space City, as well as a revolving restaurant with spectacular views. 

Other highlights include the lower level shopping mall and Space Hotel offering rooms with spectacular views. Even if you can’t make it to the tower, you’ll enjoy seeing it at night when the entire structure is lit up as part of a fascinating light show.

Address: 1st Century Ave, Pudong, Shanghai

7 Tourist Attractions in Shanghai Nanjing

Best Places to Visit in Nanjing - Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Nanjing Road (Nanjing Lu), Shanghai’s main shopping street, was constructed in the late 19th century and runs westward from Zhongshan Lu for several miles. 

Along this largely pedestrian-friendly street, you’ll find everything from street vendors selling Chinese-themed souvenirs to expensive boutiques selling traditional and crafts, as well as many large shopping malls and department stores for every imaginable type of consumer.

Consumers will meet The prestigious Yibai and Jiubai. Tourist attractions in Shanghai China It is a busy entertainment district, home to many restaurants and cinemas, as well as a center for street performances (this is especially fun given.

That major streets become a focal point for festivities and fireworks such as the Chinese New Year). . Another dedicated shopping area to explore is Xintiandi, a thriving pedestrian zone that retains some of the old town atmosphere.

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8 The Must Visit Attractions in Shanghai People’s Square

The Must Visit Attractions in Shanghai People's Square

What was once the city’s racecourse, People’s Square (Renmin Gungchang) has been transformed over the years into Shanghai’s premier public space. Home to the new Shanghai City Hall , the Shanghai Museum, and the state-of-the-art Grand Theatre. It is the perfect place to start a city tour. Be sure to spend the time visiting the excellent Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.

Where you’ll find spectacular displays and models – even a 360-degree movie theater – showing both existing and planned buildings (a fascinating one on this fascinating scale). Be sure to check out this giant scale model from the upper galleries for a bird’s-eye view of Modern Metropolis).

Address: Wusheng Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai

9 Tourist Places to Visit in Shanghai French Connection Tianzifang

Tourist Places to Visit in Shanghai French Connection Tianzifang - Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Once the French Concession of Shanghai, Tianzifang has been transformed into a charming arts and crafts destination. While much of the old houses and buildings have been replaced, Famous tourist attractions in Shanghai the character of this old European district has been carefully preserved in its architecture and layout, with many small lanes and alleys to be discovered. 

In addition to its many shopping opportunities – it has several small galleries and craft shops rather than the large stores found elsewhere in the city – it is also a great place to visit at night because of traditional fare, many cafes, Tourist Attractions in Shanghai and many restaurants serving music. It’s also a fun place for couples, as well as artist’s studios and workshops.

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10 Tourist Attractions in Shanghai Jujia Cathedral and Shishan Basilica

Tourist Attractions in Shanghai Jujia Cathedral and Shishan Basilica

Built in 1911 in the Neo-Romanesque style, the Jujian Cathedral – also known as St. Ignatius Cathedral – is another magnificent reminder of Shanghai’s rich multi-national heritage. In the southern city of Jijiahui district.

It is the largest place of Roman Catholic worship in Shanghai, and is worth visiting for its twin 50-metre-high bell-towers in addition to its spectacular park-like setting and restored interior with fine stained glass. Is. Windows. 

Another important religious site is Shishan Basilica(National Shrine and Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Shershan). Best tourist attractions in Shanghai This old Roman Catholic church stands on the western peak of the hill after which it is named. Like many other shrines.

It was heavily damaged during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, but has undergone extensive renovation in recent years and remains an important pilgrimage site.

A highlight of a visit is by following the 14 Stations of the Cross. , which slopes down the hill to the church, with many spectacular views along the way.

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11 Tourist Attractions in Shanghai Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum - Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

In keeping with its status as a world-class city, Shanghai is not without its fair share of top-notch museums. In addition to the spectacular Shanghai Museum , the city is home to the sprawling Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

The largest of its kind in China and one of the city’s top draws, with more than two million visitors each year. Opened in 2001, Tourist attractions in Shanghai China the museum includes a number of fun interactive multimedia exhibits, permanent exhibits, and a state-of-the-art science theater. 

Highlights include a large display of animals native to the area, scientific achievements, a fascinating exhibit on robotics, as well as exhibits focusing on space travel. 

Other fun attractions for families include the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, is notable for its 120-metre tunnel that provides a close-up view of the region’s diverse marine life, and the Shanghai Zoo , famous for its large collection of native species, including the giant panda and the South China tiger.

Address: 2000 Century Ave, Pudong, Shanghai

Official site: www.sstm.org.cn/kjg_Web/html/kjg_english/portal/index/index.htm

12 Things to Do Near China Art Museum

Things to Do Near China Art Museum

Also often referred to as the China Art Palace, the China Art Museum (Zhonghua Yishu Gong) – the largest art gallery in Asia – is home to the country’s most important collections of modern art. Things to Do Near China Art Museum Housed in the city’s spectacular China Pavilion (the sole survivor of the city’s Expo 2010 event and looking a bit like a pyramid at the top), highlights of a visit include its fascinating collection of Chinese modern art, along with exhibits from prominent Chinese artists.

As well as many works related to the cultural development of Shanghai over the decades. Culture lovers should also invest a while at the Oriental Art Center , one of the city’s most important venues for performances of classical music, opera, and theatrical productions. Note is also great Shanghai Grand Theater, is well regarded for its regular roster of concerts, opera, ballet performances, and traditional theatre.

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Where to Stay in Shanghai for Sightseeing

If you’re visiting Shanghai for the first time and want to see the top tourist attractions, the best place to stay is in the city center, near the Bund of Shanghai’s famous waterfront promenade, along Nanjing Road, a bustling shopping street tampering. 

Another popular base is near People’s Square, along with the Shanghai Museum, the Grand Theater and Exhibition Center. Here are some highly rated hotels in these convenient locations:

  • Luxury Hotels: In an upscale location on the Bund, the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund exudes opulent elegance with its chandeliers, imposing marble, and soaring columns. Also on the Bund, overlooking Nanjing Road.
  • And decked out in beautifully preserved Art Deco style, the Fairmont Peace Hotel, with pool and spa, plush rooms and attentive staff. Near the Shanghai Museum of Art, the Museum of Art and the Bund, JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai offers the same impeccable service as other luxury Shanghai hotels in Tomorrow Square for more affordable rates.

Famous tourist attractions in Shanghai

  • Mid-Range Hotels: Fresh and trendy with textural Chinese accents, Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund is a popular boutique option with large city-view rooms and a glass-lined pool overlooking the river, overlooking the Yu Garden Near the Bund and Yu Garden, Les Suites Oriente, Bund Shanghai is located on the banks of the Yangtze River, a few blocks from Nanjing Road, while the Marriott Hotel City Center is a 12-minute walk from People’s Square, near great shopping.
  • Budget Hotels: Within walking distance of Nanjing Road and the Bund, the Shanghai Fish Inn Bund offers clean, contemporary rooms and apartments, great value for groups, while the Jinjiang Metropalo Hotel Classic Shanghai People’s Square is a bit pricier but It offers excellent value for money in a great location next to its namesake attractions. Across the Yangtze River from the Bund, about 12 minutes away by car, Jinjiang Inn (Shanghai Lujiazui) offers clean, basic rooms for budget prices.

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How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Shanghai

  • Sightseeing : A great way to see all of Shanghai’s top attractions without having to worry about navigating your way around the city is the Best of Shanghai Day Tour. Board an air-conditioned mini-van for this full-day guided tour.
  • Which gives you time to stroll along the Bund, experience the serenity of the Jade Buddha Temple, and learn about pearl farming at the Freshwater Pearl Gallery . The tour also visits Yuyuan Gardens and the Shanghai Museum, among other sites.
  • Day Trip Tours : If you want to escape the buzz of the city and witness the traditional Chinese way of life, the Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Village Day Trip gives you a taste of two rural towns. This full-day guided tour includes a gondola ride along Suzhou’s gardens, Zhouzhuang’s waterways, and a visit to the Chinese silk factory. 
  • Another day trip out of town that offers insight into Chinese culture and history is Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth Day Trip. Included in the itinerary of this full-day guided tour is a chance to explore the Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Pagoda), witness the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, and cruise the beautiful West Lake in this UNESCO World Heritage-listed city.

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Best Places To Visit In Shanghai China 2023

If you are able to distance yourself from the many exciting sights in Shanghai, there are many attractions to visit in the vicinity of China’s largest city. One of the most popular day trips is the small village of Nanxiang, home to a beautiful 16-acre Natural Beauty Garden . 

Dating back to the 16th century, this magnificent park is decorated with numerous pavilions, villas, pagodas, lakes and flower beds with a collection of historic stone pillars from the Tang era (618–907 AD) with inscriptions from the Buddhist Sutras has gone.

Best Things to do in Shanghai China 2023

Another park worth a visit is Dianshan Lake on the east bank of the Grand Senior Garden where you’ll find various historic buildings, including the Aufeng Pagoda (the lake is also a popular public bathing area). There is also interest Xingshengjiano si Ta Pagoda, four-cornered pagoda, 30 kilometers southwest of Shanghai in the city of Shanghai.

This precisely 48-and-a-half-metre-high, 9-story pagoda was built between 1068 and 1094 during the rule of the Northern Song, and is unusual because of its deliberate leanness to the southeast and its tall peak on the southeast façade, the area. Caution by builders against the infamous typhoon of.

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