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The city of Sydney is known as the capital of New South Wales and the largest cities in Australia. Sydney is famous for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House , which features an elegant sail-like design. Apart from this, the large-scale Darling Harbor and the smaller Circular Quay Port, the arched Harbor Bridge and the Royal Botanic Garden, as well as the Sydney Tower’s outdoor platform, The Skywalk, etc. are Sydney Attractions for FamiliesSydney is a very beautiful city located in the continent of Australia. The city is very attractive and visible due to being surrounded by the vast ocean. The beautiful views of the city of Sydney touch the heart and this is the reason why the city of Sydney Attractions for Families.

Every year millions of tourists go to visit Sydney, in which the number of tourists of Indian origin is also very high. Apart from many historical buildings, beautiful gardens, attractive churches, there are many places of interest in Sydney, which every tourist likes to visit. Australia’s most populous city of Sydney can prove to be a good option for tourists for a holiday. The development of Sydney has been an important contributor to Australia’s becoming a developed country. If you want to know more about Sydney Attractions for Families, then definitely read this article of ours completely.

History of Sydney

History of Sydney | Sydney Attractions for Families

Sydney is also a very famous city from the historical point of view. Many years ago, when Aboriginal Australians came to Sydney, they converted a district into their place of residence. The city of Sydney has been exposed in the pages of history. Sydney is also known as the International Capital from an economic point of view. In true sense Sydney came into existence when a British ship reached Sydney in 1788. Sydney was the capital of New South Wales until 1900, since then there has been a steady increase in the development of Sydney till today. 

Sydney has hosted over 2000 international events. Thus the history of Sydney has also been quite interesting.

Famous Tourist Places To Visit In Sydney City

Sydney tourist place is a very beautiful place in Australia. If you are planning a trip to a beautiful city like Sydney, then let us tell you that apart from visiting Sydney, you can also visit many beautiful and attractive places around it. Which can make your trip interesting and memorable.

Sydney Attractions for Families Opera House Australia

Sydney Attractions for Families Opera House Australia

While visiting Sydney, do not forget to visit the Opera House of Sydney. Sydney’s Opera House is a very attractive and charming tourist destination. The pleasure of taking pictures with the breathtaking views here is very supernatural. This Sydney Attractions for Families is also known as a historical heritage. Surrounded by water on all sides, this structure easily attracts tourists. In your plan to visit Sydney, you must also plan to enjoy walking in this beautiful place, it will make you feel very happy.

Places to see in Sydney Tourism Darling Harbour

Sydney Attractions for Families Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is one of the Sydney Attractions for Families. The LG Theater in Darling Harbour, which has the world’s largest screen, continues to be a tourist attraction. Darling Harbor is very famous for its hang out spots. Darling Harbor is also known for shopping. If you go to this place with small children, then let us tell you that a beautiful water park for children is made at this place, which they like very much.

Famous Beaches to Visit in Sydney Bondi Beach

Famous Beaches to Visit in Sydney Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the most famous and most liked place among the places to visit in Sydney. This Bondi Beach of Sydney tourism is a very famous beach in Australia. Every year thousands of people go to see this beach. The beauty of the beach and the activities happening here attracts tourists more. You will definitely want to come again after visiting this Bondi beach once. So whenever you come to visit Sydney, do not forget to visit this place. You can swim without any fear on this beach. Sitting on the beach gives a lot of peace to the mind and every moment spent here becomes very memorable. You can walk about 6 kilometers from Bondi Beach to Kogi Coastal and this journey is very enjoyable.

Sydney Australia’s famous tourist destination Harbor Bridge

Sydney Australia's famous tourist destination Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the beautiful places in Australia and it was built in the year 1932. It is the longest steel arch bridge in the world. The Opera House is the first and the second place in Sydney’s attractive and popular places, and the name of Sydney Harbor Bridge comes in the second place. The length of the Sydney Harbor Bridge is about 1149 meters and due to this length, it has become the 6th longest bridge in the world. Taking photos at this place has its own fun. So whenever you plan your trip to Sydney, then definitely visit this beautiful place.

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney Attractions for Families

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Attractions for Families

Royal Botanic Garden is one of the famous place in Sydney. This garden was built in the year 1816. This place is considered best for picnic. The greenery of the Royal Botanic Garden and the many varieties of flowers found here provide a lot of peace to the mind. Many types of plant species are seen inside this garden, which you would never have heard of. Many types of wildlife are also found at this place for tourists to see.

Sydney Attractions for Families The Rocks

Sydney Attractions for Families The Rocks

One of Sydney’s must-see places is The Rocks, which is known to Europeans. It is believed that European settlers first settled in this place. The Rocks gets its name among the historical places of Sydney. There are many such places here which remain the center of attraction for the tourists. So don’t miss visiting The Rocks place in Australia’s heritage Sydney city tour.

Children’s Place to Visit in Sydney Taronga Zoo

Children's Place to Visit in Sydney Taronga Zoo

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is one of the must-see places in Sydney. More than 340 species are found in Taronga Zoo and a collection of more than 4000 animals is found here. Spread over an area of ​​52 acres, this area is home to a wide variety of giant species. Chimpanzees, elephants and many types of snake species are seen here.

Queen Victoria Building Australia

Queen Victoria Building Australia | Sydney Attractions for Families

One of Sydney’s must-see places is the Queen Victoria Building and was constructed in the 19th century. This place is known for shopping. Queen Victoria Building is a very ancient historical building, tourists visiting Sydney never forget to enjoy this place.

Hyde Park Sydney Attractions for Families

Hyde Park Best Place To Visit In Sydney With Family

Hyde Park is a very good place in the tourist places of Sydney. This park is decorated with lush green plants and beautiful flowers. This park was constructed during the First World War. There is also an “Anzac War” in Hyde Park, built in memory of the brave soldiers. This park is also known for many historical buildings. The enjoyment of this charming place will become memorable for every tourist.

Best place to visit for kids in Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Best place to visit for kids in Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life is the famous aquarium of Sydney. This place is a great place for tourists who are interested in aquatic life. A fish house was opened here in the year 1988 and this fish house is also very spectacular from the point of view of tourism. This place is considered ideal for children to visit and children like it very much. At Sea Life Aquarium, tourists get information about more than 700 species of aquatic life.

Famous attractions of Sydney Tourism Sydney Tower

Famous attractions of Sydney Tourism Sydney Tower

Along with visiting Sydney, do not forget to see the famous tower here which was built in the year 1981. Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in the city of Sydney. This structure remains the center of attraction for tourists visiting Sydney.

Sydney Attractions for Families Luna Park

Sydney's famous tourist destination Luna Park

Luna Park, a beautiful place in Sydney’s main sightseeing, was built in the year 1932. This park is a wonderful place for children. You too do not forget to enjoy this beautiful park while visiting Sydney.

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Sydney Nightlife

Sydney Nightlife

Along with visiting the city of Sydney, you can also enjoy the nightlife here. There are many bars and clubs in Sydney in which you can enjoy. Dance, music, beer party etc. can be enjoyed in the night. Some of the famous nightlife here include Cafe Sydney, Grassofer, Opera Bar, Ark Club and Chinese Laundry etc.

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Famous Local Foods to Eat in Sydney

Famous Local Foods to Eat in Sydney

Sydney city is located in Australia and sheep meat is more preferred among the people of Sydney. Along with this, the people here also like to drink wear and alcohol. But the number of Indian people here is also very high, so there are many such hotels which serve you Indian food. Whatever cuisine you want to eat according to your taste, you will find it here, whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will get to see all kinds of dishes here. 

Chicken Parmigiana, Barbeque Snags, Burger with Pavlova are some of the staple food items of Sydney Australia.

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Best Time To Visit Sydney

Best Time To Visit Sydney

You can choose the winter season to visit Sydney tourism. Because in this season the trip to Sydney will be completed in a very fun and easy way. Although you can visit Sydney even during the rainy season, it is better to avoid traveling to Sydney during the summer season. You can also be a part of the colorful program in Sydney on the occasion of New Year and enjoy it.

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Where to Stay in Sydney

Where to Stay in Sydney

After visiting Sydney tourist places and visiting its attractions, if you are looking for a hotel, then let us tell you that you will find hotels in Sydney from low budget to high budget. You can select these hotels according to your budget.

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Visa Rules for Indians to Visit Sydney

Visa Rules for Indians to Visit Sydney

Like all countries of the world, the application for Australian visa by Indian citizens is also handled by VFS Global. All passport holder citizens of India can apply for a visa to visit Australia. Indian citizens traveling to Australia have to apply for a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) and under this they are allowed to visit Australia for business or tourism related activities. During tourism, Indian citizens can go for entertainment, holidays and sightseeing in Australia. 

In view of the increasing demand for Australia Visa by Indian citizens, the process of online application has been started from 1 July 2017.

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How To Reach Sydney From India In Hindi

How To Reach Sydney From India In Hindi

If you have planned a trip to Sydney Australia, then let us tell you that this beautiful city of Australia is connected through airports. Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport is the busiest international airport in Australia. Which connects the city of Sydney well to all the countries of the world. Sydney being the famous city of Australia is well connected to India and all other countries by air. 

If you are going to visit Sydney from India, then let us tell you that you will get a direct flight to Sydney from Delhi, the capital of India. Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport (Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport) is well connected to India.

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In this article, you have known the best tourist places of Sydney, how did you like this article of ours, do tell us in the comments.

So what are you thinking now? Are you already excited to enjoy a glimpse of these beautiful man-made marvels and museums which will take you back to a different era. Book your trip to Sydney with Traveling Knowledge and get amazing deals on customised packages!

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