Top 15] Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

Spain is counted among the most special and attractive countries of the continent of Europe. It is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula in south-western Europe. Spain is the fourth country in the world where people like to travel the most Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain . Spain has become popular all over the world for its beaches, snowy mountains, deserts, nightlife and various famous festivals here. Celebrating a honeymoon in Spain and spending a vacation in the free atmosphere here is a very different experience.

If you can plan to visit Spain for your holidays. This is a country to make you feel like heaven. Spain has also been historically preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spain’s international tourism industry is one of the largest in the world. If you want to get more information about Spain and its major tourism, then definitely read this article of ours completely –

History of Spain

History of Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

The history of Spain is believed to date back to 1000 BC. Spain was discovered after the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. After the defeat of the Spanish Armada at the hands of England in 1588, Spain was reduced to a small peninsular power. In 1939, General Fanco ran a dictatorship over a politically and economically damaged and weak country. 

After Fanko’s death in 1975, a constitutional monarchy was established here. In this way the history of Spain is very extensive and rich in which many wars took place. The number of Muslim people in Spain is also very high.

Interesting Facts About Spain

Interesting Facts About Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain
  • The total area of ​​Spain is about 505,990 sq km.
  • There is no punishment in Spain for going to a public place without clothes.
  • The national animal of Spain is the Shand.
  • In Spain, there is a punishment of 2 years for doing evil to the royal family.
  • Spain produces 43 percent of the world’s olive oil.

Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain Capital of Spain

Capital of Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

The capital of Spain is Madrid, which is also the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization. Spain is a member state of the European Union.

 Currency of Spain

Until 2002, Spain’s currency was the peseta, but after 2002, Spain has used the euro as its currency.

 National Game of Spain

 National Game of Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

Bullfighting is considered the national sport of Spain, but football and tennis are the most popular sports in Spain. Spain also has the largest football club in the world.

Language of Spain

The main language of Spain is Spanish (Castilian) which is spoken by 99 percent of the people here. Apart from this, Catalan, Galician and Basque are also spoken languages ​​in Spain.

Major Tourist and Sightseeing Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Each city in Spain is known for its different importance. There are also many historical buildings in Spain which attract tourists to themselves. There are also many places for honeymoon in Spain, where you can make your trip memorable by visiting. We want to give you information about some such special places in Spain through this article.

Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain Barcelona

Spain's main tourist destination Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is also called the paradise of Spain, this city attracts a lot of tourists. Because there are historical buildings and palaces in Barcelona which add to its beauty. Barcelona is also a commercial and industrial centre. Chocolate is also produced here.

Spain Sightseeing Granada

Spain Sightseeing Granada | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

Granada is counted among the very beautiful and prosperous cities of Spain, which attracts every tourist who comes to it again and again. Rich in multi-cultural history, monuments and the Alhambra, the city also has a student-run nightlife, adventure activities like skiing and trekking. Located in the southeast region of Spain, Granada is the capital of the province of Granada, a part of Andalusia.

Spain Attractions Madrid Tourism

Spain Attractions Madrid Tourism | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city in Spain. Madrid also has the world’s oldest nightlife, which is a major center of attraction here. The culture and art of Madrid is very popular. Madrid has a lot to offer to tourists. Everyone likes to spend evenings in the peace here. Madrid is also the headquarters of the World Environment Organization.

 Beautiful Places To See In Spain Seville

 Beautiful Places To See In Spain Seville

Seville is famous as the cultural and financial capital of Spain, which is located in the Andaluca region of Spain, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, you can see the real beauty of Seville. Spain’s main and national festival of bullfighting is organized in Seville itself. The nightlife here is also very famous.

Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain Ibiza Tourism

Most Popular Places To Visit In Spain Ibiza Tourism

you can see Ibiza is one of the most spectacular and popular islands of Spain, which is included in the Balearic Islands. Ibiza has many beaches that attract tourists. the Ibiza is one of the most famous party destinations in Europe. Ibiza has a nightclub for the best nightlife in Europe.

Canary Islands Best Place To Visit In Spain With Family

Canary Islands Best Place To Visit In Spain With Family

The Canary Islands are one of the most famous beaches in Spain as well as in the world. This place is full of adventure for the honeymooners. There is a very spectacular rural area around here, which helps tourists to get information about the culture here.

Tourist Attraction in Spain Tourism Tenerife Tourism

Places To Visit In Spain Tourism Tenerife Tourism

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands group and is also the last European Paradise Island. Tenerife has many seas, forests, mountains, greenery, and volcanoes that attract tourists easily. Every year there is a crowd of British and German tourists. Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands group and is also the last European Paradise Island.

Famous Tourist Attraction in Spain Majorca

Famous Tourist Place of Spain Majorca

Majorca is one of those places in Spain where its beaches shine in the glorious sun. It is a city known for its supernatural beauty. Wild animals, natural forests and spectacular mountain ranges remain the center of attraction here in Majorca.

 Historical Tourist Attraction in Spain Malaga

 Historical Places To Visit In Spain Malaga

The city of Malaga is a very historical and cultural city in Spain, located between Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. You must have heard the name of famous artist Pablo Picasso. This city is also the birth place of the same great artist.

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Ancient Tourist Attraction in Spain Alhambra

Ancient places to visit in Spain Alhambra

The Alhambra is located on the plateau of the city of Granada in southern Spain. This is a very attractive fort palace which was constructed in the 14th century by the Nasri Sultans.

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Major Festivals of Spain

Major Festivals of Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

We can also call Spain the country of festivals because many festivals are celebrated in Spain throughout the year. The most popular of which is La Tomatina in which people throw red tomatoes on each other. Also Las Fallas de Valencia (Festival of Fire), Feria de Abril (April Fair of Seville), Feria del Caballo (Horse Fair), Feria de Malaga (August Fair in Málaga), Festa Major de Gracia (Gracia Festival), Semana Celebrations like Santa (Holy Week), San Fermin (Pamplona Bull Run) etc. are organized.

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Tourist Attraction in Spain Nightlife

Spain Nightlife

Spain is known to be a country famous for its nightlife. Even after midnight in Spain, it looks like day. The cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Ibiza, Granada, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and Mallisca are all famous for their nightlife clubs and bars. Along with dancing in the bar here, a person forgets all his worries by getting drunk. All these nightclubs are open all night.

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 Famous Food of Spain

 Famous Food of Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

Spanish people love meat and fish very much. Along with this, the taste of spices with green vegetables is also very much liked by the people of Spain. The main dishes of Spain include acetunas, oliva, bocadillo de calamares, caracoles, churros, encladilla rusa, gazpacho andaluz, paella valenciana, patatas bravas, tortilla de patatas and sepia con alioli.

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Where To Stay In Spain Tour

Where To Stay In Spain Tour

If you are looking for an accommodation after visiting the Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain, here you are. So let us tell you that you will find many types of hotels in Spain. You can choose the hotel according to your budget and requirement.

  • Hotel Balneario Las Arenas
  • Safestay Barcelona Passieg De Gracia
  • Parador De Zamora
  • Melia Alicante
  • Casa Serrana

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Best Time To Visit Spain

Best Time To Visit Spain | Popular Tourist Attraction in Spain

If you are planning to visit Spain, then let us tell you that walking in Spain in any season is full of joy. But the best time to visit Spain is considered to be between the months of July to August because during this time you can also enjoy the major festivals here.

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How To Reach Spain From India

How To Reach Spain From India

The best option for traveling from India to Spain is by air. The distance of Spain’s Madrid airport from New Delhi airport in India is about 8000 kilometers. You can go from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport in Madrid or Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport in Barcelona city. ) can fly direct flights. You can easily reach Spain from India via flight.

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Spain Visa Policy for Indians

Indians need a visa to travel to Spain. This visa allows you to stay and visit Spain for up to 3 months. To get a visa, you can go to your nearest embassy and get your visa done in 15 days by submitting a photocopy of your passport, passport size photograph, flight ticket, purpose of travel, photocopy of permanent or domicile certificate and depositing 60 euros.

In this article, you have known the famous tourist places of Spain, how did you like this article of ours, do tell us in the comments.


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