Top 10] Best Places to Stay in Mauritius for Honeymoon

Mauritius is a beautiful country situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean in the continent of Africa, which is surrounded by sea from all sides. Due to the beauty of Mauritius and its priceless environment, it is the most attractive country Mauritius for honeymoon. The lush green forests and best place to stay in mauritius will make your trip very interesting. You can enjoy the famous Mauritian trek in the jungles of Mauritius. The 19th century Creole house preserved as a museum in Mauritius is one of the most favorite places for Mauritian tourists.

Along with this, you can also enjoy the night life of Mauritius to the fullest. Mauritius’s natural environment, historical buildings, scenic spots and lake-waterfalls attract tourists. If you want to get more information about Mauritius, then definitely read our article completely

History of Mauritius

History of Mauritius

The history of Mauritius came into existence from the beginning of the 10th century during the year 1598. When Maurice, the King of Nassau, stayed in Holland and after him, this beautiful country was named Mauritius. In 1638, the Dutch built the first settlement in this Mauritius, but after some time the Dutch also left Mauritius. The country of Mauritius was ruled by Dutch, French and European people. 

After many wars, Mauritius gained independence in 1968 and after that in 1992, Mauritius became a republic.

Capital of Mauritius

The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis, which is the largest city as well as the largest port of Mauritius.

Currency of Mauritius

Currency of Mauritius

The currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee, which was accepted as the currency of Mauritius in 1876. The central bank of Mauritius is the ‘Bank of Mauritius’. 1 Mauritius Rupee is equal to 1.94 Indian Rupee.

Language of Mauritius

The main language of Mauritius is English and along with this, a large population of Mauritius also knows how to speak Hindi.

Interesting Facts About Mauritius

Interesting Facts About Mauritius
  • In Mauritius, 50% are Hindus and the rest 50% are Muslims and Christians.
  • A bird named Dodo was found in Mauritius, which is believed to be 40 lakh years old, it is now extinct.
  • Most of the money in Mauritius comes from tourism, yet it is counted among the richest countries in the world.
  • The national anthem of Mauritius is ‘The Motherland’ which was composed by Jean George Prosper in 1968.
  • A yellow colored bird is found in Mauritius which is not found anywhere else in the world.
  • The colorful national flag of Mauritius also known as ‘four bands’ was adopted by Mauritius after independence in 1968.

Major Sightseeing and Tourist Places of Mauritius

Mauritius is a very beautiful country in the continent of Africa and every year a large number of people from all over the world come to visit here. Now we are going to give you information about the major tourist places of Mauritius through this article, so read the article till the last

Places to see in Mauritius Black River Gorges National Park

Places to see in Mauritius Black River Gorges National Park

Until 1994, the Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius was known only for hunting wild animals, but the park was declared a national park by the President of Mauritius. This magnificent park is a wildlife sanctuary which is surrounded by mountains and lakes from all sides. It has easily become an attractive place for tourism. best places to stay in mauritius for honeymoon.

Best places to visit in Mauritius For Honeymoon Belle Mayer Plage Beach

Best places to visit in Mauritius Belle Mayer Plage Beach

One of the famous places in Mauritius is Belle Meyer Pledge Beach in Mauritius which is a very beautiful beach. Adorned with palm trees, this beach attracts a lot of tourists. It is very relaxing to spend time with the white sand in the meantime.

Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Garden famous tourist places in Mauritius For Honeymoon

Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Garden famous tourist places in Mauritius

Sir Sivasagar Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is also known as Pomp Sus Botanical Garden which is one of the famous places in Mauritius. For tourists, in this huge garden, you will get to see many such species of animals which are not found anywhere else. Apart from this, it is also known for its beautiful garden and attractive tree plants. This is a very big and famous garden of Mauritius For Honeymoon. Tourists coming to Mauritius definitely go to visit this beautiful place.

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Chamarel Attractions in Mauritius

Chamarel Attractions in Mauritius

Charmel is known as the land of seven colors of Mauritius. There is sand of seven colors here which looks very attractive. It is believed that a volcano erupted here many years ago. This place, which makes you feel like a second planet on earth, is very surprising.

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Mauritius For Honeymoon places to visit in Tru Aux Beaches

Mauritius places to visit in Tru Aux Beaches

True Aux Beach is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Many years ago this place was just a fishing village but today it is a very beautiful city situated on the banks of the huge beach. The most enjoyable time to spend in the evening at True Oaks Beach is when the sunset takes place, so the view here is worth seeing. This beach is the most spectacular beach in Mauritius with the least crowd.

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Mauritius Tourism Tourist Place to Visit Morne Brent

Mauritius Tourism Tourist Place to Visit Morne Brent

Le Morne Brent is one of the attractions of Mauritius For Honeymoon which is surrounded by many hotels. Le Morne mountain is the only mountain located in the south of Mauritius and this mountain is more popular among tourists for its vastness. This mountain is historical and known as a world heritage.

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Grand Bassin Tourist Places To Visit In Mauritius

Grand Bassin

Grand Basin, a beautiful lake amidst mountains 1800 feet above sea level, is a famous Hindu religious place in Mauritius. For your information, let us tell you that there is also a scenic spot of Bholenath at this place. There is a 108 feet idol of Shiva in this temple which makes this place very scenic. At the time of Mahashivratri, this place is filled with the holy water of river Ganges and Kavad pilgrims come from their homes to this beautiful lake to have darshan on foot.

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Historical Places to visit in Mauritius Champ de Mars Port Louis

 Champ de Mars Port Louis

The Champ de Mars race course in Port Louis is the second oldest race course in the world. Tourists who are interested in horse racing, this place proves to be an interesting place for such tourists and it is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Tourists can come here and enjoy some famous drinks along with horse races.

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Places to visit in Mauritius For Honeymoon La Vanille Crocodile Park Mauritius

 La Vanille Crocodile Park Mauritius

La Vannille Crocodile Park is a very famous place in Mauritius, which is famous for its museum of turtles. Along with turtles, other creatures are also seen here. Turtle curry is used as a famous dish for tourists in La Vannille Crocodile Park. This forest is very attractive, you can see many animals here.

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Ancient places of interest in Mauritius Citadel Fort Adelaide Mauritius

Citadel Fort Adelaide Mauritius

The Citadel Fort Adelaide, an ancient fort included in the list of major tourist destinations of Mauritius, is also included here. Which has historically covered a lot in itself. In this fort, tourists will also get an opportunity to know many things related to the ancient lifestyle. This fort has many years old buildings and chains which connect Mauritius with the colonization.

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Where to Stay in Mauritius for Honeymoon

Where to Stay

If you want to stay here after visiting Mauritius and its attractive Places to Stay in Mauritius for Honeymoon . So let us tell you that in Mauritius you will get hotel arrangements ranging from low-budget to high-budget. Which you can select according to your budget and choice.

  • Tropical Coconut Hotel
  • Grand Bois
  • Leclezio Street Apartment
  • Sweet Island
  • Sea Point Boutique Hotel

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Local Food of Mauritius for Honeymoon

Local Food of

There are very good hotels available for tourists in Mauritius, in which French, Chinese and Indian food is easily available. Along with this, dhol puri, samosas and fried noodles are very famous food in Mauritius.

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Best Time To Visit Mauritius for Honeymoon

Best Time To Visit

If you have planned a trip to Mauritius, then let us tell you that the time between July and October is considered to be the best. At this time the climate of Mauritius is very good, which proves helpful for you to visit tourist Places to Stay in Mauritius for Honeymoon .

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How To Reach Mauritius From India

How To Reach Mauritius From India

If you are planning to go to Mauritius from India, then let us tell you that there are regular flights from the famous IGI Airport located in New Delhi to Port Louis of Mauritius through which you can easily reach Mauritius. can.

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Mauritius Visa Policy for Indians

Indians do not need to apply for a visa to visit Mauritius in advance because at the Mauritius airport you can get a visa by showing your passport, which is called Visa on Arrival. Tourists get a visa for 60 days in the form of a passport. Tourists are required to return their Mauritius travel details and passport after the next 6 months.

Mauritius has numerous amazing options of places that you can add to your bucket list. And now that you know about these places to visit in Mauritius, what are you waiting for? Make your dream trip to this island nation come true by planning a trip to Mauritius and makes memories that you can cherish forever.

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Mauritius

Q. Which is the best part of Mauritius to go to?

A. If you are looking out for some of the best places in Mauritius to explore then Balaclava is the perfect option for you. Located in the north of Mauritius, Balaclava is considered the most beautiful destination for those who are searching for some options near the beach.

Q. Is it safe to travel to Mauritius during the coronavirus outbreak?

A. Mauritius is one of the few places with zero cases of coronavirus so far. It is very much open to tourists. However, a travel ban on all those who have been to Italy or China lately is in place.

Q. What are the best places to visit for couples?

A. Ile aux Benitiers, Chamarel Waterfalls, Seven Colored Earth, Blue Bay Marine Park, Casela World Of Adventures, and Ile aux Cerfs are some of the best places to visit for couples in Mauritius.

Q. What is Mauritius famous for?

A. Mauritius was once home to Dodo which is unfortunately extinct now but the country still houses several endangered species of animals and plants which makes it a famous place apart from its bucolic nature and beaches.

Q. What are the best things to buy in Mauritius?

A. When in Mauritius, do not forget to buy I fused rum, Phoenix beer, Dodo souvenirs, a piece of coloured earth, and homegrown tea as these are the best things to buy in Mauritius.

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