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Antarctica In Hindi, the desire to know about the continent of Antarctica is in the mind of every tourist. The word Antarctica is derived from the Roman version of the Greek word ‘antarchite’. Antarctica means “opposite arctic distance”. The continent of Antarctica is divided into two different sized parts, in which the larger part is known as East Antarctica and the smaller part is known as West Antarctica. Of these seven continents, the continent of Antarctica is the coldest continent. 

The continent of Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on Earth after Asia, Africa, North America and South America. 98 percent of Antarctica is covered with ice and it is spread over the land of Antarctica in the form of a thick layer of about 2 kilometers.

 History of the continent of Antarctica

 History of the Antarctica

The history of the continent of Antarctica came to the fore in the year 1773 when James Cook saw how it is a place where there is no land far and wide. Only ice was visible in the continent of Antarctica. James Cook said that it is a continent due to the deposition of rock on the icebergs. After this, Thaddeus Bellinghausen crossed the Antarctic Circle in 1820. Antarctica is called the last end of the world. There is an island called Livingston on Antarctica. The first person to reach Antarctica alone was David Henry Lewis of New Zealand, who used a 10-metre-long steel boat, the Ice Bird, to reach here.

Interesting Facts About Antarctica Continent

  • The continent of Antarctica is a very cold continent, the temperature here is always less than 4 degrees.
  • The Institute of Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) at Vasco da Gama, Goa has inaugurated the Isotress Laboratory.
  • Due to the different size of the continent in both the winter and summer seasons, it is also called ‘dynamic continent’.
  • A very salt water lake called Vida has been found under the layer of ice in the Antarctica continent.
  • The Weddell Sea and the Ross Sea are part of the Antarctic continent.
  • There are many types of minerals here. For example, information about gold, silver, copper, coal, manganese, uranium, platinum, chromium minerals and natural gas etc. has been received.
  • Lichen and Manas are the main vegetation here.
  • Flying sea birds called albatrosses and petrels are found in the coastal areas.
  • A bird named penguin which cannot fly is a famous bird of the continent of Antarctica.
  • This peninsula extends towards Cape Horn of South America.

When and who discovered the continent of Antarctica

When and who discovered the Antarctica

Everyone is curious to know about who discovered the continent of Antarctica. The credit for the discovery of the Antarctic continent first goes to James Cook, who discovered this attractive continent in the year 1773. But due to bad weather, he had come to Lot from a few kilometers away from this island. The man who discovered the continent’s mainland was Welling Schausen, the captain of the Russian Imperial Navy. He discovered this icy desert in the year 1820. The English navigator Williams Smith also wrote an article on this by looking at the continent of Antarctica. In 1840, the leader of the American Expeditionary Expedition, Charles Sakis, also observed active ice caps on the coast of Antarctica. It was he who told that it is a peninsula.

Area of ​​Antarctica Continent

The continent of Antarctica has an area of ​​1.4 million square kilometers (5.4 million sq mi). It is the fifth largest continent on Earth after Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

Name of the country and capital of the continent of Antarctica

Name of the country and capital of the Antarctica

The question of how many countries are there in the continent of Antarctica is surprising to everyone and this question is searched a lot. Let us tell you according to our research that the continent of Antarctica is so cold that no one can live here permanently and therefore there is not a single country in the continent of Antarctica. But in this continent without a country, a treaty was made in 1959, which was done between different countries doing research in the Research Center of Antarctica continent. 

In this treaty, 7 countries Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, China, and the United Kingdom signed the treaty to exercise their rights in Antarctica, and later America and Russia together now in the continent of Antarctica. A total of 46 countries have joined.

Research Stations of India in Antarctica

There are many research research centers in the Antarctica. Three research centers were established by India in America which are known as Maitri, Gangotri and Bharati. Due to excessive snow, the Gangotri Research Center was covered in snow, due to which it was later closed. But Maitri and Bharati research stations are still functional.

Information of Day and Night in Antarctica

The continent of Antarctica is the only place where there is 6 months day and 6 months night. There are only two seasons in Antarctica, the winter season and the summer season. There is light for 6 months in the summer and 6 months of darkness in the winter season.

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Highest Peak of Antarctica Continent

Highest Peak of Antarctica Continent

The name of the highest peak of the continent of Antarctica is Vinson Mountain, which is 4892 meters high. The Vinson Mountains are located in the northern part of the massif of the Antarctic continent. This attractive peak of the Antarctica is a great place for tourists.

Who was the first Indian person to visit Antarctica

The first Indian to visit the Antarctica was Lieutenant Ram Charan, a meteorologist from the Indian Navy. On 9 January 1982, Lieutenant Ram Charan became the first Indian to visit the continent of Antarctica under the leadership of Syed Zahoor Qasim.

 Who was in charge of the first Indian team to go to Antarctica

The first Indian team to visit Antarctica was headed by Dr. S.Z. Kasim, Secretary, Department of Environment and former Director of NIO.

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What is Antarctica Treaty

What is Antarctica Treaty

You must have probably heard about the Antarctica Treaty. This treaty was made by the continent of Antarctica and some countries of the world together for the main purposes. Antarctica does not have a country of its own. On December 1, 1959, several countries signed a treaty called “Washington” in Washington DC, USA. This treaty came into force on 23 June 1961. The main objectives of this treaty are as follows-

  • The first objective of this treaty was that the Antarctica would be used for peaceful purposes only.
  • The second objective of this treaty was that there would be freedom of scientific investigation at various research centers on the continent of Antarctica.
  • The third main objective of this treaty was that scientists from the Antarctic continent could freely spread their knowledge of Antarctica outside.

Tourist Places To Visit And See In Antarctica Continent

The continent of Antarctica is a very famous place for tourism, tourism in Antarctica started in 1960. After this, people from Australia and New Zealand visited this place by plane in 1970. Between 1999-2000, about 15,000 passengers on the Antarctic continent made sea travel through ships. Till date lakhs of tourists have sailed through this vast and cold continent. Even though no one lives permanently in the Antarctic continent, the number of tourists who live here temporarily and for research work is more than 5 thousand. 

There are many such places in the Antarctica, where you can visit and get information about this huge icy peninsula.

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 Famous attractions of Antarctica Antarctic Peninsula 

 Famous attractions of Antarctic Peninsula

One of the best places to visit here is the Antarctica Peninsula, which is located in the northern part of Antarctica. This place is also called the home of snow forests. The Antarctic Peninsula is a very popular destination due to the mountain peaks, huge glaciers and vast skies of the Antarctic Peninsula. Tourists come here with many expedition teams to enjoy this magnificent view. An abundance of penguin rookery and cormoral colonies will also be found in the Antarctic Peninsula. 

There will be many opportunities to see minke, killer (orca) and humpback whales up close during the migration season.

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 Beautiful places to see in Antarctica South Shetland Islands

Beautiful places to see in South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are one of the popular and most visited places on the Antarctic Peninsula. The South Shetland Islands are located 160 kilometers north of the Antarctic Peninsula. Tourists from different countries come here to do research in research centers. This place completely covered with snow is also known as the capital of the continent of Antarctica.

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Popular tourist destination in Antarctica Drake Passage

Popular tourist destination in Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is a historic route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the continent of Antarctica, located at the southernmost point of Argentina. Along with having a 600 km wide route, it is famous for rolling waves.

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Major places of interest in Antarctica Falkland Islands

Major places of interest in Antarctica

The Falkland Islands are one of the most attractive tourist destinations around the Antarctica. A dense population of many types of wildlife is seen in this island, which attracts every tourist towards it. Especially the animals living in the snow can be seen here.

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 Famous Tourist Place of Antarctica South Georgia

 Famous Tourist Place of Antarctica South Georgia

South Georgia is famous as the “Alps in the Mid-Ocean” in the continent of Antarctica. The picturesque parts of South Georgia and the long and narrow islands remain the center of attraction of this place. South Georgia has become incredibly popular with campaign teams.

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Best Time To Visit Antarctica Continent

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the continent of Antarctica is summer which is the only best time to visit here. But even during the summer season, you have to take special care that you have the ability to go out on an Antarctica cruise adventurously.

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Food To Eat In Antarctica

There are few dining options in the Antarctica. Because cooking becomes difficult here. Even you have to keep the food kept safe with good packing. Here you will find things to eat like Bannock, Pemmican, Hoosh, and Chocolate.

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Where To Stay In Antarctica

Where To Stay

Tourists visiting the Antarctica will not get world-class hotels or homestays. Tourists have to stay in the expedition ship itself. However, tourists can be allowed to camp. If you wish, you can stay in Ushuaia before leaving for the trip where you will find some hotel arrangements.

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How To Reach Antarctica Continent

How To Reach

Antarctica is a vast area of ​​ice and traveling here is really an adventure. That is why tourists do not get any commercial flights to Antarctica. If you want to go to Antarctica from India then you have to reach Invercargill in New Zealand and Hobart in Australia, South America. From here you will reach Antarctica via cruise or you can also travel to Antarctica from Ushuaia, Argentina. You can also fly to Shetland Islands and from there you will reach via cruise. 

For your information, let us tell you that flights can be flown to Ushuaia from major cities of India through Air India, British Airways and Qatar Airways.

In this article, you have learned about the Antarctica, how did you like this article of ours, do tell us in the comments.

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