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Angel Falls This is the highest waterfall in the world, which is located on the Coroni River in Venezuela, South America. Its height is about 979 meters and depth is 807 meters. Angel Falls of Venezuela information Water Falls is located on a mountain called Auyantepui. Because Its height is so high that the water falling from it turns into mist or smoke and this sight is more pleasing to the mind of the tourists. Angel Falls is located in Canaima National Park, the second largest national park in Venezuela.

This waterfall collides with a dome near the summit of the table top mountain Auyantapui-Isle and falls down and the place where it falls is known as the Devil Valley. Although This waterfall is also known as Salto Ongel or indigenous Kerepupai-Meru. The indigenous name Pemon Native means “to fall from the deepest place”. This fall is named after an airplane pilot named Jimmy Angel. Angel Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

History of Angel Falls of Venezuela

History of Angel Falls-Angel falls Venezuela information

Hence Angel Falls became known as Angel Falls during the 20th century. It was named after an American airplane driver named Jimmy Angel. Who was the first person to fly over Angel Falls.

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The Angel Falls of Venezuela is on which river

Similarly Its, Spanish Salto ngel, also known as Salto Churn Meru, but is a waterfall in the Guana highlands of Bolivar state, in the southeast of Venezuela on the Churu River, 160 miles (260 km) from Ciudad Bolivar, a tributary of the Caroni. It is in the south-east.

Angel Falls of Venezuela Is Located In Which Country

It is the highest waterfall in the world. It falls from 3,212 feet (979 m) from a mountain called Auyantepui. Angel Falls is located in Venezuela, a country in South America.

The Angel Falls of Venezuela Tourist Attractions

Angel Falls is one of the most attractive tourist places in Venezuela. Although the journey to Angel Falls is a difficult journey, it is very important for tourists to take some precautions. This place called Angel Falls is located in an isolated forest and you will have to make a trek to reach Canima Camp from Ciudad Bolivar or Puera Ordaz.

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What to do at Angel Falls of Venezuela

If you go to see the Angel Falls and you want to visit the Cairo River, then the river trip is especially done in the months of June to December. Because during this time the rivers would have enough water and depth, which doubles the joy of the river journey. 

Whereas less water is seen in the month of December to March. You can also experience this by climbing the hills. You can also feel yourself soaking in the water falling in the form of small drops from above by going close to the waterfall.

Why This is Famous?

Why is Angel Falls Famous-Angel falls Venezuela information

Angel Falls located in Venezuela is one of the four beautiful famous waterfalls in the world. This waterfall is famous as the world’s highest continuously falling waterfall. Consequently Angel falls Venezuela information is also known all over the world for its height, the height of this place is 3212 feet. It has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

The water falling from such a height in Angel Falls flies like a shower in the surrounding areas. As soon as such a sight here touches the hearts of the tourists, due to which the number of tourists coming here is very high.

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Where is Angel Falls of Venezuela

Angel Water Falls is the largest waterfall in the world located on the Churum River passing through the Ayantepui Mountains. Gran Sabana in South America. The Angel Falls of Venezuela is located in the middle of Canaima National Park, which is close to the border of Guyana and Brazil. To reach Angel Falls, one has to travel 5 kilometers from a place called Canema. From Puerto Ordaz one can reach Canaima via a short douglas.

How To See?

You can have a beautiful view of the famous tabletop mountains of Tepeus from the windows as you travel from Puerto Ordaz via Douglas to Canaima. You will want to carry in your heart a pleasant pleasure of seeing the world’s highest waterfall on top of these mountains. Actually when you reach this place, you can enjoy the Angel Falls close by.

Why it Is Called Angel Falls

Why was Angel Falls named Angel Falls? It is about the time when an American airplane driver named Jim Angel and he was also the first person to fly over this waterfall. This waterfall is named after him. Also he had first told about this waterfall but no one believed him. According to his wish, his ashes were blown over this spring. Indeed Angel falls Venezuela information in the year 2009, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had talked about changing the name of Angel Falls, but later he retracted his point and said that he cannot change the name of this ancient and famous waterfall.

Best Time To Visit Angel Falls of Venezuela Water Falls

Best Time To Visit Angel Water Falls-Angel falls Venezuela information

Above All due to the tropical climate, this place is characterized by dry and wet seasons instead of cold and hot. The time between May to October is considered the ideal time for tourists to visit here.

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How To Reach?

It is not possible to reach Angel Falls via automobile or bus. You will need to take a plane to the city of Canaima from Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar. From Canaima, a day boat ride to Angel Water Falls is available. Angel falls Venezuela information will be much more expensive if you buy a tour directly to Angel Falls in Canaima.

If you have chosen an airplane to visit Angel Water Falls. Absolutely let us tell you that Ciudad Bolivar Airport is the nearest airport here.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Angel Falls

Angel Falls Trip Expenses. If you are planning to visit Angel Falls 3 day Angel Falls trip can cost around $500 USD or more. This includes the cost of the flight from Ciudad Bolivar and everything else (meals, lodging, boat etc.) except airport taxes and park entrance fees.

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